Mullen G2 SD-10 (Year 2018)

about 1 year ago
Larry Mossburg
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Steel Guitar Forum
Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA

I am selling a (1 week old) Mullen SD-10 G2 ten string pedal steel guitar. Hand built at the Mullen factory. It has 5 knees leavers and 3 foot pedals. It also has the Optional pearl like striping on it cost me $125 dollars. This actually is still new. Legs are adjustable. The
SD 10 modal has the hand rest on it. Only 1 week old. Original cost is $4000 dollars. The case is included in the price. This is a really good deal for someone. I had to wait 4 months for it to be built. Sounds beautiful.
I have some problems with my picking hand, due to a motorcycle accident and can't pick it right. That is why I am selling it.
The price is firm as I am already losing a lot of money. If you cant come to pick it up, you must pay all PayPal fees and shipping.