Steel Guitar Black Box

almost 3 years ago
Steel Guitar Black Box
Jerry Van Hoose
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I have an opportunity to purchase a "like new", Sarno Revelation Pre Amp so, I'm going to sell my Steel Guitar Black Box, w/power cable, instructions and most importantly, a NOS RCA 12AX7A installed, 6 hrs, total use. I purchased the Steel Guitar Black Box new (about a month old) from Brad Sarno and the RCA 12AX7A from, guaranteed NOS. Moreover, the RCA 12AX7A had never had been installed in anything whatsoever and was also tested for low microphonics. It's one of, if not the finest tube for the Black Box. $300 firm, shipped, lower 48, check or money order please. This is over $100 plus savings without any wait. Thank you for your consideration. There aren't any marks nor scratches on the Black Box, only reflective light on the corner
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