Emmons Black Album, 10 Vol. of PSG Record Club, more LPs-$70

about 5 years ago
Emmons Black Album, 10 Vol. of PSG Record Club, more LPs-$70
Nick Benjamin
Johnnie Blue
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Steel Guitar Forum
Denver, CO, USA

Im selling 38 vinyl LPs, some long out of print, including Emmons Black Album.
All records are in excellent condition except where noted.
The $70 includes free shipping in the US.
Sold only as a set as they all need a new home.
I also have a Benjamin Miracord variable-speed turntable (sold separately) if you need some way to play the records.
The adjustable speed control lets you tune the songs to your steel instead of the other way around.
The cartridge is a Shure V15VxMR.
PM me if interested or email me at jblue@earthlink.net.
The LPs:
Emmons Black Album
Buddy Emmons
Steel Guitar
Buddy Emmons
International Steel Guitar Convention
Vol. 1
Recorded live in St. Louis in 1977
Buddy Emmons
International Steel Guitar Convention
Vol. 2
Recorded live in St. Louis in 1977
Buddy Emmons
Buddies w/Buddy Spicher
Buddy Emmons
One For The Road
Buddy Emmons
Christmas Sounds of the Steel Guitar
Steel Guitar Record Club (SGRC)
A series of recordings made in the 1970s by Tom Bradshaw.
Each album has an extensive biography of the artist and their copedent.
SGRC No. 2
Tom Cattin by Tom Brumley
SGRC No. 5
Steel Guitar Jazz and Four Wheel Drive by Buddy Emmons (double album).
Four Wheel
Drive is slightly warped but plays okay.
SGRC No. 7
Country Soul Stew by Sonny Garrish
SGRC No. 8
Pieces of Eight w/ Maurice Anderson, Hal Rugg, Terry Bethel, Jim Murphy, Red Rhodes, Jay Dee Maness, Bobby Garrett and Weldon Myrick
SGRC No. 9
Hal Rugg Steels The Hits of Loretta Lynn
SGRC No. 10
Velvet Hammer by Red Rhodes
SGRC No. 11
Speedy by Speedy West
SGRC No. 12
Counterpoint by Curly Chalker
Disc A:
Counterpoint, Disc B:
Big Hits on Big Steel
SGRC No. 13
The Big Band Steel Guitar of Alvino Rey
SGRC No. 14
California Freedom by Bobby Black
Curly Chalker
More Ways to Play
Curly Chalker
Nashville Sundown
Jimmy Crawford
A Ton of Steel
Jimmy Crawford
Steel Crazy
Jimmy Crawford
Chicken Pickin Good with Russ Hicks
Jimmy Day
All Those Years
Jimmy Day
Golden Steel Guitar Hits
Jimmy Day
Steel and Strings
Paul Franklin
Just Pickin
Lloyd Green
Cool Steel Man
Lloyd Green
Day For Decision
Lloyd Green
Lloyd Green and his Steel Guitar
Lloyd Green
Mr. Nashville Sound
Lloyd Green
Shade of Steel
Lloyd Green
Steel Rides
Doug Jernigan
Uptown to Country
Doug Jernigan
Sounds of Doug Jernigan and Gary Adams
Steel Guitars of the Grand Ole Opry
Sonny Burnette, Weldon Myrick and Hal Rugg
Sarah Jory
Way to Survive
Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Sneaky Pete
Suite Steel
Buddy Emmons, Jay Dee Maness, Red Rhodes, Sneaky Pete, Rusty Young
Here are pics of the Black Album and a sample of a SGRC jacket:

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