1954 Bigsby T-8

11 months ago
chas smith
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This is the Bigsby T-8, Serial # 21154, with 6 pedals that was originally made for Norm Hamlet.
Norm bought the guitar in 1954 and had 3 pedals added in 1958.
In 1963 he sold the guitar to Rudy Farmer, a steel guitar player, who was known to cut up Bigsbys into single neck guitars for Ethel Starrs students.
In 1957, Rudy Farmer bought Pee Wee Whitewings Bigsby and sent it back to Paul Bigsby to have Pee Wees name removed and 5 pedals added.
Which leads me to believe that Rudy wasnt skilled at removing names and adding pedals and pedal mechanisms.
Although Im not familiar with the mechanisms of the Bigsby guitars from 1963 and 64, the changer and parts in the pedal mechanisms on Norms guitar, all seem to have the Bigsby consistency and the pedal bar, for the 6 pedals, is Bigsby.
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