6 sp. MK IV Rack Case +

over 1 year ago
Jerry Overstreet
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Louisville Ky

I've taken all the electrical boxes out and the ft. panel so it's just the box. To sweeten up this deal this is what I am offering with it: Please take time to read and understand the complete post.
1. Partially working BK Butler Blue Tube II unit RT924 with steel mod. It was working except the pot issues would make it come and go and cut out entirely at times. I installed all new Alpha pots that I acquired from SmallBear electronics.
I guess I messed up somewhere, because the green channel beacon lights, but does not pass sound except for hum. I'm guessing I bridged a connection somewhere in either the vol or stack pot trace.
The Red channel does pass sound but either the gain or volume control does nothing, I forgot which one it is. I know I dropped an eyelet somewhere, so I don't know. I just don't have the eyes to go back through it again.
2. BK Butler original Blue Tube Rack RT904. This unit works fine for a while then goes into oscillation after a bit. I have not attempted any repairs on it.
3. 80's Digitech DSP 128 effects rack. It works, but it's a bit finicky. The manual is silk screened on the cover.
4. ART SGE effects rack. I bought this unit new. The manual is included. It worked OK the last time I used it. Here's some online info on it.
This one has several effects that work well for guitar such as flange, chorus DDl etc. plus 3 or 4 modes of distortion and overdrive tailored for guitar.
I'll ship the whole mess in the conus for a $150 money order. If you can pick it up here, I'll forego $25 on shipping as it will probably weigh in at 50# all boxed.All switches, knobs etc. are intact...all have on board transformers, no wall warts.
Everything as is, no guarantees or returns.
Perhaps some of you have expertise in the repair of these TubeWorks units or would like to tinker with the electronics or for whatever reason. The 12ax7a preamp tubes are included...one in the BT and two in the BTII. Any printed material, manuals etc. I can find I will include as well.
The 6 sp. rack case is in decent shape and would be an ideal candidate for a studio or stationary in your music room. It's portable, but the handles are a bit awkward unless you wanted to put a strap handle on one end.
There are cutouts in the end where the electrical boxes were that would be ideal for adding output jack plates, power connections etc.
If you want all the electrical stuff and panel shown in the lower photo...that I pulled off, you can have that too. I need to get all this out from under foot.
Take all or none, no splitting this stuff up.
Click on this link for case photos, the original configuration of the rack case with the ft. panel and the electrical stuff.
Send me a PM if you have any interest. $150 shipped conus. Reasonable offers considered.