60's Silvertone 6x10 spkr. cab w/Jensen C10Q's

about 1 year ago
Jerry Overstreet
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Steel Guitar Forum
Louisville Ky

60's Silvertone 6x10 speaker cabinet loaded with vintage original Jensen C10Q ceramic speakers. All operational. No issues.
Too big and bulky to ship, so requires local pickup or can deliver to a neutral site in the area within reasonable distance with a fuel allowance added dependent upon circumstances and weather at my convenience.
I'm thinking the speakers should be worth about $50 ea., so $350 for the cab and spkrs. firm and clear.
This is the one that Jack White likes.
I play it sometimes with my old 1482 amp and it sounds good. I just don't need that much sound and it's a little cumbersome to haul out anywhere. I just basically need the money, otherwise, I'd keep it.
The amp head is a 2 channel SS 150 solid state model 1465. The jewel lights and I hear some hiss but it doesn't pass any signal.
I'll toss it in with the cabinet for free. May be repairable. I don't want to mess with it and it's in my way.