(8) ZB (or...?) Pedal Rods + Connectors Metric

about 4 years ago
(8) ZB (or...?) Pedal Rods + Connectors Metric
Ben Elder
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
La Crescenta, California, USA

These came with a 1967 ZB S-10 (only three pedals when I got it...?). I don't know if they're original and I doubt they are. They don't work for me because I needed to add rod extensions and these have threads that are some kind of metric that McMaster-Carr doesn't carry standoffs for. I've forgotten the actual thread measurement, but with connectors shown (used on the earliest ZBs and I don't know what else) they're XX" long. Without connectors, they're YY". (Measurements to come shortly.)
$40 + actual shipping in a cardboard tube from 91214 (probably USPS Standard Post.)
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