Amperex, Phillips, RFT, Siemens Ecc-83/12ax7's

about 2 years ago
Orlando Colom
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

More tubes from the stash. These are all well tested in my vintage amps, and in my Triplett 3444 tester. A lab grade tester. All tubes are as described below. Unless stated NOS all tubes are used.
1 Amperex Bugle Boy Ecc83 long plate. Used, but test at 90% of new, and comes in a white box. Logo is light and partly rubbed off. Sounds like a great Amperex tube should.
$65.00 Shipped
2.Phillips ecc83 long plate. Branded Rodgers. Its used, but test great, looks good, and sounds amazing. Comes in a white box.
$65.00 Shipped
3. RFT ecc83. This is a great German made tube. Test like new, and looks/sounds great. Love these in Wreck type amps.
$50.00 Shipped
4. Pair of Siemens CV/492/ecc83. These tubes are built to military specs for their special requirements, and sound killer. They are used, but test close to new. you wont see these everyday. They come in white box.
$60.00 each shipped.

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