Benado Effects PB-1 Multi Effects Pedal Board

about 1 year ago
Lee Rider
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Fort Bragg, California, USA

Excellent original condition.
Serial #2 so it is very early in their production.
$850 or possible trade?
Paul Franklin and Vince Gill play through Benado effects.
The basis of this pedal board is 5 outstanding individual effect brought into one unit for your convenience. Your signal is 'buffered' at input stage to ensure you suffer no signal loss throughout the remainder of the chain.
The Compressor: I call this one, light compressor. Personally, I never liked compression for guitar but this one is smooth... This one is different. With the blend control you can bleed the original signal back in to remove the harsh compression sound whilst retaining the clarity and sustain of a class A compressor. Of course, if you love heavey compression - it will not disappoint.
The Distortion: I always loved the Soldano Supercharger and, of course, the SLO 100. The trouble is, the Supercharger pedal is big and heavy and the SLO is, well, an amp head. I always wanted to have a pedal that sounds like my Supercharger and my SLO. My distortion is so close in sound and flavor to my supercharger you won't believe it.. and it does have that old Marshall roar quality when needed as well. This pedal will kick your butt all over the stage.
The Overdrive: What better to have a pedal that you can set it up to be responsive to your playing. You play light so it sounds clean, but then, you hit the strings hard it gives you the dirt. It reacts to your playing just like a tube amp does... And you know what happens when you push a tube amp hard, this pedal will give you all the overdrive you need. Stack up the Overdrive and the Distortion and the clarity remains, you get full power with a nice full and rich sound... Imagine the sustain the sustain...
The Delay: It is digital, but it sounds analog. Perfect. I'm not much of a digital delay kind of guy, but this one is styled after the TC 2290 (the holy grail)... Now, try to bring that to a pedal and make it analog. Well, I believe that this one is the is it...
The Reverb:
How many times have you been to a gig or jam session and the amp there has no reverb. Frustrating, isn't it. For those of us that must have reverb it's actually a disaster. That's why in my pedalboard I wanted to have the best sounding spring reverb I could. You'll never go wanting again, actually, your next amp purchase probably won't even have reverb in it after playing through this...
There is a feature on the pedalboard that you can add your own pedals in the chain in different configurations using the effect loop feature. This is what makes this board special... You can still use your gain stage on your amp in the loop if you wish, or maybe switch it so your favorite chorus pedal goes in...
There is a dedicated tuner out with a bypass/activation switch.
Parallel power. The dedicated power out allows the unit to power your external pedals.
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