Electromuse Lap Steel

almost 2 years ago
Electromuse Lap Steel
Jerry Overstreet
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Steel Guitar Forum
Louisville Ky

"Personalized" Electromuse nicknamed "Boat Paddle" 6 string with famous or infamous Eye Beam pickup. Sounds fine. Tone and volume controls work fine. Modern 1/4" jack. Scale measures 23" center bridge to center nut.
This came from an estate sale of a local player who passed 7 or 8 years ago. He was a sort of collector who liked to customize his gear, thus all the stickers, fret line traces, lexan panels etc. and gold paint.
It also had some labels on the back which have been removed, but the shadows are still visible.
Tuners, pup, controls and pup plate all appear to be original, but I know little about these. The fretboard and headstock are overlaid with transparent lexan.
I believe these were built in the 40's and 50's. I don't find a serial number anywhere.
There is no case or bag, but it will be packed well.
I will ship it anywhere in the conus for a $100 bill. Money orders please. No paypal.