For Sale FS: Mesa Boogie Prodigy 2x112PH Rig Excellent Cond!

over 4 years ago
For Sale FS: Mesa Boogie Prodigy 2x112PH Rig Excellent Cond!
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Recently purchased the Prodigy used here: SOLD - Mesa Boogie Prodigy 4:88 with Footswitch, Cover and Remaining Warranty |
and the 2 Mesa Powerhouse cabs here:
SOLD - MESA Powerhouse 1-12 w/ Studio Slips Covers |
Ive had some unforeseen expenses arise which will prohibit me from keeping this rig. A shame really... Its the best sounding bass rig Ive ever played without needing to break my back from lifting. Please check out the links above for more information on each specific component of this rig. I havent owned it long enough to be able to comment too much; I didnt even get a chance to gig with it yet. I know from speaking with the previous owner of the prodigy head that the warranty is still good until 11/21/2018 (Didnt change it over to my name yet either!)
Included with the sale of the full rig would be two 3ft Mogami speaker cables, brand new from Sweetwater Guitars. Both cabs also come with luxurious Studio Slips brand covers. I do not have the original Mesa Boogie Slip covers for the cabs. I DO have an original Mesa slip cover for the the head in addition to the (unopened) paperwork and tags as well.
Ill consider selling the cabs separate from the head if need be. Please let me know if you would like to see additional pictures of either.
$2100 gets you the ENTIRE rig. You take care of shipping on the cabs only, Ill take care of shipping the head.
$400 + shipping for EACH PH cab
$1300 Shipped for the Prodigy head.
Paypal is fine.
Thank you for looking!