For Sale Price Drops! Polytune, Accountant, Octave Fuzz, H2O, Dipper, PhaserFlanger

over 2 years ago
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Time for a serious culling for money and space and usage purposes.
So here's a half-dozen for yas!
Prices include shipping CONUS.
All pedals are in excellent to mint condition.
SOLD - TC Polytune 2 - $55 - includes original box
SOLD - Fairfield Accountant compressor - $110 - includes original box
MXR Slash Octave Fuzz - $105 $90 - Surprising gem!
Octave down (with or without fuzz), octave up fuzz, and straight signal with or without fuzz.
I just use it with clean octave down and the fuzzy octave up together for synth goodness.
Only selling because I'm working toward a COG pedal =0)
Includes original box and I will throw in the StompPads footswitch covers that I made for it, to match the pedal's red and blue LEDs.
SOLD - GNI PHF Phaser & Flanger - $125 - Awesome combo pedal that does both a nice ADA style flanger and a chewy analog phaser - each with their own controls and footswitches, usable individually or together.
Both effects have Mix controls, too, so you don't have to be 100% wet all the time.
My only complaint about this pedal is that high Mix settings boost volume, but some people want that out of modulation pedals - and GNI gave me a couple resistor values to change if I wanted to mod the volume.
Includes original box.
Truetone/Visualsound H20 Chorus & Delay - $120 $100 - Great chorus that has a few fun tricks up its sleeve thanks to the various controls (Detune especially - turn that off and you get a seasick, drunken vibrato that makes you think the switch is labeled backward!) and a crunchy analog delay with two time ranges so you have instant access to two settings with the flick of a switch.
For me, I put the delay time all the way up, and with the switch on Short it's instant "Pets" (porno for pyros), flip to Long for that one part of "Another Brick In The Wall."
HOLD - TWA Little Dipper 01 - $150 - OK, so this is a vocal formant filter with 4 filter settings and a whole knob just for adding a little fuzz.
Kind of a more tweakable bassballs!
Extra cool: the LEDs in the constellation pulse with your signal.
On hold currently because what I thought was a too-sensitive filter turned out to be an issue and it may be sent out for repair before selling.
Thanks for lookin'!