For Sale T-Rex Crunchy Frog ... dirt & booster

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For Sale T-Rex Crunchy Frog  ...  dirt & booster
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A stompbox that delivers a blendable amount of rich, warm, and tubey overdrive sound.
The T-Rex Crunchy Frog Classic Overdrive with Boost Guitar Effects Pedal takes overdrive to the next level. Overdrive is probably the single most important sound in the history of the electric guitar. It' also one of the hardest sounds to get right. Originally created by overloading a tube amplifier with a hot input signal from a tube preamp, classic overdrive today can be complicated and costly to recreate. Or at least it was until Crunchy Frog came along.
The world' best overdrive
Crunchy Frog was designed to be one of the world' best-sounding overdrives. Created and tuned to please the most demanding ears in rock n roll, it delivers a rich, warm, tubey overdrive sound you just wont find this side of expensive multi-stage tube boutique amplifiers.
Built-in boost
Crunchy Frog features a convenient BLEND knob that lets you mix your overdrive with the clean signal from your amp. A brilliant TONE control lets you fine-tune your overdrive tone to your exact tastes. Finally, you get a separate, fully adjustable BOOST function
so you can lift that gorgeous overdrive out of the mix whenever you need to.