CA Cargo travel guitar.

almost 7 years ago
FS:  CA Cargo travel guitar.
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Sold!Up for sale is my CA Cargo guitar.  Black, pure acoustic, upgraded case.  I bought it new four years ago and have used it down in FL, at races and on several cruises.  I recently bought a GS Mini M and can't see having two travel guitars.  It's in very good shape...used but never abused...though it could probably use a new set of strings.   This pic is not mine, but mine looks the same.  The one drawback is right now it's in FL and I'm in St Louis and it will be at least a week until I can get down there to it.  However, I've bought and sold a number of guitars on the AGF and, I believe, have a good reputation there.  I also have a no-questions-asked 48 hour return policy if it's not to your satisfaction.Anyway...$650 plus shipping.