Remington SLX Sustainmaster SD12 Ext E9th $1650

about 1 year ago
Gino Cecchetto
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Steel Guitar Forum
California, USA

Up for sale is a very nice Remington SLX Sustainmaster SD12 Ext E9th, 3 pedals 5 knees. This guitar was recently setup by Tom Bradshaw and is ready to play with no issues. Guitar sounds great and has excellent sustain. This is a pro level guitar in every respect, 3/8" stainless steel crossshafts, 13th finger in the changer for tuning half stops, setup for splits on every string, gauged rollers at the nut. Pedal action is light and the undercarriage is quiet thanks to nylon stops on the adjustments, in fact it's lighter and quieter than my 2017 Williams S12.
While the guitar is in fine playing condition, it is from the late 70's - early 80's and has that cool vintage vibe and the signs of age that come along with please look closely at the photos, I'll also be happy to email photos to serious buyers. There is checking in the finish, and while the aluminum is all polished and looks great, it does also show the light surface marks from a guitar that has been played for 30 plus years. Also please note the slight wear in some locations along the edge of the fretboard, and the piece of electrical tape on the front edge of the fretboard to cover the aluminum to make it easier to see the 1st string. I did zero cleanup on the guitar before taking the photos, so this is how she looks. I've only seen one other 12 string Remington and it's likely these two could be all that were made.
Also please note, they case had seen better days when I received the guitar, so I rebuilt it. I'm 35 years into a commercial construction career, so have no fear the case was rebuilt correctly. The inside was completely redone with a new divider, supports for the guitar, and felt lining. The covering on the outside was in good shape and I didn't want to mess with that, so you will see the heads of the small stainless steel screws that were used ,in conjunction with re-gluing from the inside, to beef up the lid of the case. The guitar fits in the case like a glove.
The guitar will come with it's original Wallace True Tone pickup, not the extremely rare Telonics pickup in the photos. A Sharps led and rod bag and cover for the guitar are also included.
Obviously I want whoever buys the guitar to be a happy camper, so I have done my best to accurately describe it's condition. Please feel free to ask any questions. Asking $1650 plus shipping.