Roland Cube 60: $175+

over 1 year ago
Roland Cube 60: $175+
Dan Beller-McKenna
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Steel Guitar Forum
Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Little brother to the more familiar Cube 80.
This one is from the first generation of the black cubes (c. 2000? pre X, XL, GX series). 60 watts, 12" speaker.
In excellent cosmetic and working condition.
This model is quite good for pedal steel (I've used it on countless coffee house and acoustic-type gigs), but, to be fair, more of a spot on fit for telecaster.
More info from the manual:
Main Features
60-watt output, high-performance, DSP guitar amp with built-in 30 cm (12-inch) speaker.
Offers nine types of COSM amps
In addition to an easy-to-use, 3-band equalizer, the CUBE-60 also features a PRESENCE
knob, which you can use to create a wide variety of precisely defined sounds.
Comes equipped with four effects types, chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo, along
with an independent system with the basic delay and reverb effects.
Equipped with a convenient RECORDING OUT jack handy for use in recording.
This output also functions as a headphone jack.
Also features LINE OUT, TUNER OUT, and EXT SPEAKER outs. These outputs can be
used for all kinds of performances, from recording to live gigs.