Sonuus G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter - Ver. 3 $50

about 1 year ago
Joseph Carlson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Grass Valley, California, USA

Only used this once to create a piano track on a song I was recording.
Like new condition.
$50 shipped in the US
From the manufacturer:
The G2M is a simple-to-use, highly effective, guitar-to-MIDI converter. It is Universal because it doesn't need a special pick-up mounted on your guitar, but instead simply connects to your guitar like any other effects pedal or tuner.
Designed to give accurate triggering, with very low-latency, it is a true plug-and-play solution for monophonic MIDI guitar. It can be used to sequence bass lines and guitar solos add an edge to your live performances
it opens up many creative possibilities.
New V3 Features:
Latest state-of-the-art pitch-to-MIDI algorithms by Sonuus
Guitar, Bass, Voice and Wind (replaces the older Sonuus B2M and G2M)
20dB more headroom compared to the previous G2M and B2M
More convenient power: single AA battery instead of a PP3
Option to use a 9V DC power adapter: pedal-board integration
DIP switches inside battery compartment for configuration
MIDI-In feature: MIDI hold, sustain and volume (using special breakout cable)
Any electric guitar/basscan be used as a solo MIDI guitar/bass.
No instrument modifications or special pickups required.
Robust note detection
minimises wrong notes.
Fast, accurate pitch-bend determination, or chromatic mode.
Very low latency & very fast tracking.
Built-in precision tuner for standard guitar/bass tuning.
Battery-powered with long battery life.
Compact, lightweight and portable.