Sweet 1940s Rickenbacher NS/S Electro Lap Steel w Orig Case

over 1 year ago
Mark Helm
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Tennessee, USA

This absolutely beautiful all original 1940s Rickenbacher Model NS/S lap steel is in prettydarn good shape. For starters, it has all its original white-dot fret markers. Look around: most of these for sale have an empty hole here and there from being dropped on multiple occasions. It also has its original tuners, which is especially unusual for one of these guitars. Are there a few nicks and scratches here and there on this 70 year old guitar? Sure--but nothing compared to the beautiful finish that was put on this high quality steel. And besides, similar models floating around are going for the same or more, but they're not in this kinda shape. So--
Grab this Rickenbacher up before it goes to someone else!
Comes with original chipboard case with leather "sausage" handle. Both in good shape, work fine, look good. Asking &799 + shipping.
Contact: emailmarkhelm@gmail.com
_________________Yours in Steel,