TC Furlong SPLIT Cabinet

over 1 year ago
TC Furlong SPLIT Cabinet
Brandon Bankes
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Steel Guitar Forum
Zanesville, Ohio

Up for grabs: TC Furlong CB-12 SPLIT powered closed back speaker cabinet. Equipped with 12" speaker. Excellent condition. What's amazing is how light weight this is but it's EXTREMELY LOUD with plenty of headroom and low end. Amazing engineering and design. Comes with it's detachable power cord, and features a "mellowizer" knob on the back to control warmth/brightness from the built in power amp.
Asking $600 plus shipping, or willing to meet the buyer within a reasonable distance of Columbus, Ohio. From what I've read, only a very small run of these were made, and are getting harder and harder to find.
Paypal accepted and preferred. Thanks for looking!