Trade Feeler - Dolphin 5 for Dolphin 5

over 6 years ago
Trade Feeler - Dolphin 5 for Dolphin 5
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Columbus, IN

I got this Custom Shop Dolphin 5-String, and believe me, this bass is a Dream!
Very Rare Birdseye Maple Body with Wenge NT neck.
But I've got a 1992 Dolphin with a Boire body, and I'd like to have something a little more along those lines.
So what I'm looking for is a 5-String Dolphin with a more traditional body wood, a Non-Volute neck, and a BIG PLUS for Bartolini pickups & Preamp. A Wenge neck is obviously a Must!
That's pretty much the only trade I'm looking for. If you've got something in the $3K range that you feel I ABSOLUTELY must consider, than feel free to run it by me, but be prepared for disappointment. Enjoy the rest of the pics.
Recessed Duncan Style strap-locks!
Dolphin Inlays!
Serial Number, making it a 1999
The Gutz!
This bass is a 34" scale, Narrow Spacing 16.5 - 17MM, she weighs in at 10.5 Lbs. The only issues with this bass is the broken end on the JAN II Nut (All of them are broken!) and there is a slight depression in the wood between the 12th fret side marker. I've tried to get a clear pic, but it doesn't show up. This bass has an OHSC that has protected the bass nicely, but looks pretty rough.
Action Shot!