Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic Guitar $150

about 1 year ago
Joseph Carlson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Grass Valley, California, USA

I bought this when I was traveling a lot for work.
It came in really handy to keep up my chops when I was on the road.
I'm travelling a lot less now so I don't have much use for this anymore.
These are selling new for $299, here's you chance to get a very gently used one for half the price including shipping.
From the manufacturer:
The best selling ULA MPS Ultra-Light Acoustic features Traveler Guitar's innovative and space-saving in-body tuning system, which eliminates the need for a headstock. And because all Ultra-Lights are full-scale, there's no compromise in the playing experience you're used to. The innovative and space-saving in-body tuning system eliminates the need for a headstock. A detachable lap rest further lightens the guitar while providing optional support while sitting. The Ultra-Light comes equipped with an acoustic piezo pickup and a standard 1/4 inch output jack. Plug it into your favorite amp, recording device, or headphone amp and practice anyplace, anytime. It fits in airline overhead bins, so get on that big ol' jet airliner! Weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz.