Vegas 400 - Eminence Neo 12 & 15 - For Sale at Dallas Show

about 2 years ago
Jim Cooley
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Steel Guitar Forum
The 'Ville, Texas, USA

I'm taking an amp and two speakers to the Texas Jamboree in Dallas this weekend. I'm going to try to be there on Friday and Saturday, but work might limit me to Saturday only. Photos are posted at the and of the ad.
The amp is a clean Vegas 400 with original Black Widow 1502-4 speaker. It has upgraded OPA2134 Opamp chips. I believe the serial number indicates it's a 1973 model. Everything works. $350 cash and it's yours.
I have one Eminence EPS-12C (12") Neo and one Eminence EPS-15C (15") Neo speaker. The 12" has been used a little more than the 15. Both are broken in. The 12" has a little more ue on it than the 15" but it is in good condition. The 15" is in excellent condition. According to Eminence specs the 15 inch speaker weighs 7.9 pounds and the 12 inch weighs 7.1 pounds. $130 for the 12", $150 for the 15.
Vegas Photos:
EPS-15C Photos
EPS-12C Photos