Package Deal - Accessories

about 2 years ago
F/S Package Deal - Accessories
Bill Ferguson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Norcross, GA USA

Ok, I have put together a "package" of some items I don't need any longer and some from a friend's estate sale.
To be sold as a "package" only at this time.
Walker Seat w/ Backrest
"like new" 9-1/2 out of 10
(I could not get the picture to turn upright)
Goodrich LDR2 w/ Wall Wart Remover, 2 midi cables, 2 power supplies "like new"
9 out of 10
Goodrich Matchbox Model 60 (very early version)
Miscellaneous Cables inc/:
1 ea 5' R/A - Str
2 ea 9' Str - Str
1 ea 3' Str - Str
3 ea 30" Str - Str
George L's 1" 12 string bar (NEW from old stock)
Jim Dunlop 3/4" bar (New from old stock)
Jim Dunlop Finger Picks (New from old stock)
11 ea
4 ea.
7 ea
Fulawka 10 string bar (no dings)
Total price including PACKING
$450.00 plus actual shipping costs, UPS
At this time, I am selling as a "package only" and will not break it up.
If the package does not sell within a couple of weeks, I will consider splitting it up.
Check, MO, PayPal or Credit Card accepted
Thanks for looking
Bill Ferguson
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