For Sale Peavey TL-5 with Aguilar OBP-3 Preamp FURTHER PRICE DROP

almost 3 years ago
For Sale Peavey TL-5 with Aguilar OBP-3 Preamp FURTHER PRICE DROP
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Guess this would be considered a first gen TL-Five, distinguished by the presence of Super Ferrite pickups, bridge with roller saddles, and a somewhat fatter neck profile than the later ones. The serial number dates it to 1991, and the original circuit board has a handwritten date of 9/23/90 on it.
I replaced the original preamp with an Aguilar OBP-3: volume (pull passive), blend, treble, mid and bass cut and boost, and mid select switch - to my ears The Aguilar mates very well with the Super Ferrite pickups, and installing it resulted in a significant improvement in tone. I have the original electronics and knobs and will include them. The bass has Dunlop Straplocks. String spacing at the bridge is nominally 17.5 mm, but with the roller bridge saddles being adjustable from side to side I've been able to space it out to 18mm. Weight is just a bit over 10 lbs, which surprised me because it doesn't feel that heavy.
The bass has a few minor dings and the usual superficial swirly scratches resulting from 25 + years of consistent use. Many of the TL's I've come across have broken battery compartment hatches, but this one's is intact. The frets are ok - they have been crowned probably more than once and may or may not have enough height left for another crowning. As it is, the action is set up at a medium height without any fret buzz, but it is probably not possible to go too much lower without buzzing unless you play with a relatively light touch. Your mileage may vary with that, of course. I find the bass very comfortable to play as it is.
I have a decent non-original tweed hardshell case to ship it in.
I'm not interested in any trades at the moment, thanks.
$750 shipped within CONUS
$650 shipped within CONUS
Missing washer under G tuning post added since above pix were taken: