For Sale 2016 Ibanez Black Eagle reissue

over 3 years ago
For Sale 2016 Ibanez Black Eagle reissue
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Well, as much as I love the sound and playability of this bass...
- I'm switching to a shorter scale to try to help with left shoulder and finger issues,
- And I bonded with this one about 5% less well than the one it replaced.
Still an awesome bass though, and everything I touted about these stands.
Beautifully made, a loving reproduction of the original (I had this and a '77 at the same time for a spell) and plays fantastically.
I haven't gotten it set up since I moved because I wasn't sure what strings I wanted to go with, but it's still set up pretty well right from the factory, with rounds.
I'm calling this one a 2016 because after I screwed up the truss nut on my 2015 (my fault) back in May of this year, Ibanez/Hoshino elected to send me a whole new bass under warranty instead of just fixing the truss rod on the other one.
Never been played outside the house and a couple auditions, never even seen the outside without being in at least a gigbag.
Headstock f-hole unbroken =0)
34" scale, standard Jazz VVT arrangement, weighs 9.4# on bathroom scale.
Call it $430 with shipping CONUS, or best offer?
Comes with a nice Fender gig bag.
I can't think of much in the way of trades as I already have my eye on a couple things, but I'd trade plus cash toward the following basses:
- Fender Mustang with maple FB
- Gibson SG Standard (trapezoid inlays) in walnut color (jeez why do they all have to be cherry)
- Reverend Dub King in Rock Orange
Sorry about the lighting in photos; the house I'm staying in is, shall we say, old fashioned.
I love these so much, when I have more disposable income I'd love to have one custom made, maybe a natural finish, lighter weight, 30 or 32" scale...
But for now, I have to explore other options.