For Sale Roscoe Century Standard Plus 6 w/ Sound Clips - SAME LOW PRICE!

over 3 years ago
For Sale Roscoe Century Standard Plus 6 w/ Sound  Clips  - SAME LOW PRICE!
Rob Allen
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New York

New York
I'm thinning the herd!
Model: Century Standard Plus 6
Body: Swamp Ash w/ Quilt Maple Top
Finish: Oil
Preamp: Bartolini 3-Band
Pickups: Bartolini Dual J Pickups
Neck: 3-Piece Maple Neck
Fingerboard: Wenge board
Hardware: Black
Case: Roscoe Single Gigbag
Standard Roscoe 35" scale and 18.3 mm spacing at the bridge. This bass is very clean, only some minor wear on the body. Bass balances well and feels very solid. The flame top on this is really beautiful.
My good friend, long time TalkBass member and funky-butt bass player, Basehead, was kind enough to help me create this ad.
Basehead made the sound clips, took the photos and provided his thoughts about the bass above and below.
(Thanks Basehead!)
Basehead's Notes: Love this bass!
This is only the second Roscoe I've spent time with and it's pretty special.
VERY versatile instrument. The Bartolini J's do a great job - the neck PUP gives some really classic bottom end with good definition. The bridge PUP is a more refined J sound - Growl, yes, but not as harsh an attack as traditional single coils give. Both Pickups sound very nice when blended together.
B string is AMAZING...authoritative yet balanced with the rest of the strings.
Chords sound great, clear, defined, with a sweet finish. Fingerstyle, slap, tap, does it all very well. The upper register notes are simply amazing!
If the spacing was just a bit wider, I would have bought this for myself. Build quality is TOP NOTCH...VERY impressed!
PRICE: $1900 includes US shipping (insured). My preferred method of payments are Venmo (, cash or check
EDIT: I know I have this bass listed "For Sale", but a couple trades that I would be very interested in include an NS Design CR4M or CR5M Upright, or any sort of fretted Rob Allen bass.
(I realize the fretted Rob Allen Bass is practically a mythical creature!)
Sound Samples: Everything set flat, midrange switch in lower position (250), recorded without any compression/effects
There are THREE sections in each sample - the first section is the Neck pickup 100%, the second are both Neck and Bridge (50% each) and the third is Bridge pickup (100%)
Sample 1 - w/ Fodera Nickel Rounds (.34 - .130) -