Hilton and ShoBud VPs for sale

over 1 year ago
Hilton and ShoBud VPs for sale
Rob Allen
Fred Rogan
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Steel Guitar Forum
Birmingham, AL USA

I have a Hilton volume pedal for sale that is in excellent condition. The power pin (inside the pedal) was just repaired and works with no problem now. The pedal is in like new condition and has seen very little use. Power supply is included. $200 shipped CONUS
The ShoBud pedal was refurbished by a well known PSG artisan and looks and plays great. The spring in the back that pulls the pedal down to off position is there but may be weak in that the pedal sometimes falls forward to the on position. This has not been a problem for me but wanted to give full disclosure. $165 shipped CONUS
thanks for looking and please email if interested.
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