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Rob Allen
Fred Rogan
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Birmingham, AL USA

Handmade by an amp tech here in Bham, this Samamp VSC is a 12 watt amp that is very sweet. The VSC (variable symmetrical clipper) control is like a variable attenuator that gives you varying degrees of breakup from 0 to 12 watts. This has a 12" Jensen Jet Series speaker and this amp has lots of EQ but no reverb or tremelo. I have used it for steel where it was miked and it sounds great. It can be a great little jazz box or a screaming blues machine. This amp weighs about 20 lbs. The footswitch does not come with a cord - you use a guitar cord.
This was on another website describing the Samamp VSC:
"The V.S.C. combo has the same 12AX7 preamp as the samamp V.A.C. 23 and 23-verb models. The versatile EQ controls are: treble with pull upper mid boost, bass, and the subtle tone control that alters amp character from darker/thicker to brighter/ thinner. The adjustable footswitch adds midrange and gain. The V.S.C. tube amplifier features a 12AT7 driver and 12AU7 power amplifier. The V.S.C. (tube amplifier) control regulates the headroom from zero to twelve watts and drives the effects loop send. The loop return connects to the speaker via the transparent, high fidelity, integrated booster amplifier. Popular reverb, delay, and other effects pedals are solid state and will compliment the solid state effects return and booster amplifier."
This amp is in like-new condition and everything works as it should. $900 shipped CONUS
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