****telonics Tca-500c Combo Amplifier For Sale****

over 1 year ago
Rob Allen
Allen Howington
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Steel Guitar Forum
Lillington, North Carolina, USA

Telonics TCA-500C Combo Amp for sale:
Amp is as close to new as new comes.
Never gigged (not once), only used for practice, amp has no blemishes and not one scratch on it, truly is like new, my honest reputation on that.
Has the new tilt back leg mounted underneath the front bottom side, has new D2 cover, has the remote control and its two attachment cables, has two angle cables for attaching effects unit, and has a Lexicon-M200 mounted from the factory for your effects desires.
I will also include a ring binder book holding a copy of the factory operators instructions that I put together myself, for easy access and improved reading. (Large Letters & numbers).
Depending on what you get these units cost from $2,800 to about $3,000.
This one is just a little over five months old and only played with my steel and myself.
I will take $2,500 for all this equipment and free shipping to anyone in the lower 48 states that buys it. Now that's a deal...saves you $300-$500 depending on what you would buy.
Also, you don't have to wait those long months for building a new one.
Thanks for looking and your time.....
_________________Steel buddy,
Allen Howington