/FT : Lo?c Le Pape steel bodied jb-style

over 6 years ago
FS/FT : Lo?c Le Pape steel bodied jb-style
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I've got this wonderful custom bass that's not getting played as much as it should, mostly because of my Dingwall SP5.
It has a hollow steel body, a Warmoth maple/bocote neck with a nitro finish, slightly reliced. The body shape was inspired from the Ruokangas Steambass (with Juha's authorization).
It's a jazz bass at heart, but with slightly twisted electronics. It has a master volume, a Dingwall style 4 position rotary switch (neck/both in series/both in parallel/bridge) offering several distincs flavours. The series setting not usually found on jazz basses offers a deep punchy tone ideal for rock - think Musicman ballpark. Then there's a Stellartone Tonestyler, which is basically a notched 16 position passive tone control switching through different cap values (from bypass for the brightest possible tone to .1 for a classic muffled sound). It preserves midrange while cutting just the wanted chunk of highs.
Sounds great, feels good (not as good as Dingwalls to me) and it's definately unique !
More pics and infos on the builder's website :
The fingerboard is bocote - not pau ferro
The actual weight is around 4.4kg
A hard case is included
I paid a little over 2500?
Looking for ~2000$ shipped worldwide.
Trade offers will be considered as long as they're a Dingwall bass