Fender CS/Masterbuilt '59 Tele

over 4 years ago
FS: Fender CS/Masterbuilt '59 Tele
Santa Cruz
Nick Koff
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Los Angeles, California

Kind of rare 1959 Telecaster turned out by the Fender Custom Shop. Weighs 7.5 pounds and is very resonant thanks to some perfect upgrades including DeTemple Titanium saddles and a Callaham bridge. It is also fitted with Seymour Duncan custom shop '53 Tap Tele pick ups with a 5 way selector installed (http://www.seymourduncan.com/2011pro...le-model-t.php) to maximize tonal variations. The neck and body are mildly relic'd and finished with nitrocellulose lacquer. Body and neck stamped relic and neck stamped with the date and JC. That is John Cruz, Fender Masterbuilder which means Cruz originally selected the wood and made the neck for a Masterbuilt guitar. Neck profile is a medium C and the frets and radius are larger than vintage too. This is a string through body guitar. No cert or original bridge and pickups. $2000 + shipping
A search of the serial number on this guitar came up empty; digging deeper at Fender turned up the fact that the guitar had been intended to be a John Cruz Masterbuilt guitar but for whatever reason it didn't happen. After a while the pieces were assembled by the Custom Shop for an endorsed artist and it was given a random backplate with a random number on it which was never entered into the system.
All of the above provenance stuff is very interesting, I'm sure, but the bottom line is that this guitar has been assembled to be a terrific player and that's exactly what it is.
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