Dekley SD-12 Extended E9 3x4 $1795 plus shipping

over 1 year ago
Dekley SD-12 Extended E9 3x4 $1795 plus shipping
Igor Fiksman
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Georgia, USA

An Awesome Dekley SD12 extended E9, George L E-66 pickup, plays smooth, tight mechanics, has "THAT TONE". This thing sings with clear and warm sustain. These guitars are built like tanks and are relatively easy to setup and maintain - so less frustrating tweaking time and more playing time. Versatile 3 raise/ 2 lower changer, 3 pedals, 4 knees, plus has most parts for 5th knee (Crossshaft, knee lever bracket, bell cranks) Just add a lever body and pull rods. Guitar looks good for it's age, but not a closet queen, laminate covering on these guitars tends to separate from the body over time, which can be easily maintained with occasional dab of glue, and metal fretboard has a few dings on it, nothing major.
A-raises 5 and 10 B-C#
B-raises 3,6 and 11 G#-A
C-raises 4 E-F#, 5 B-C#
LKL-raises 4 and 8 E-F
LKR-lowers 4 and 8 E-D#
RKL-raises 1 and 6 F#-G
RKR- lowers 2 D#-D, 9 D-C#
Original case in good shape, leg bag and wrenches are included.
Changer was gunked up with WD40 when I got the guitar and fingers were all stuck. I completely dis-assembled the changer and gave each finger a thorough cleaning (see picture of dirty finger and clean one side by side above), same goes for roller nuts. Lots of hours and elbow grease and everything works as it should now. Great lesson in not using wrong oils._________________SHO-BUD Professional SD-10 Black, SHO-BUD Pro III Custom D-10 Red, Goodrich Matchbox 6A
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