Sierra Crown S-10 IMMACULATE! LOOK!

almost 3 years ago
Sierra Crown  S-10   IMMACULATE!   LOOK!
Lonnie Portwood
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Steel Guitar Forum
Jacksonville, fl. USA

Offering for a local friend. The pics tell the story and I would put this guitar in the same league with the Thomas I showed you
all awhile back, that is, superb engineering and workmanship! Take a close look at creative design, such as adjustable legs at the rear, undercarriage with capacity to set up ANY configuration you can dream up. Fold-up legs, you don't have to take them off the guitar. This is as clean as if it were built last week, and action is smooth, positive, with no sloppiness. I had never seen the undercarriage of a Sierra before, and I'm blown away by the beauty of this instrument.
Raise E's on lkl (also on "0" pedal ?) 2nd, third, 4th pedal, = A,B.C.
LKR lowers 5th,
RKL lowers 2nd str
RKR lowers E's
Case in excellent cond, with minor
scratches on bottom
Price, $2100 plus shipping lower 48
guitar weighs 48#
on my bath scales.
you won't find a better instrument at any price!!
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