Sierra S-10 Olympic, 3x3, Beautiful Black & Gold

about 3 years ago
Sierra S-10 Olympic, 3x3, Beautiful Black & Gold
Jeff Hino
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Oregon, USA

Sierra S-10 Olympic, 3x3.Beautiful black and gold. Very good shape. Recently professionally inspected, adjusted and cleaned by Larry Behm. This is a 1970s model; but Im unsure what year exactly. Ive had it for some 25 years. I had the volume, switch, and tone pots removed because they only caused trouble, and who uses them anyway? (But they are included if you want to put them back in.)
It comes with two removable pickups; however the second one is non-functioning. Two of the legs have missing spring-loaded lock pins, which snap into place when rotating the legs into position; but they are fully lockable with the friction clutches. Likely this means finding replacement spring pins (or making your own) or just living with it (which is what I did.) This is a very attractive instrument, with only minor blemishes and some minor corrosion on the tuning pegs (from its early days in Hawaii I was told.)
But it sounds terrific. Im selling it only because I want to move up to a double neck. Asking $1,100 +shipping.