Keith Banjo Tuner Applications Manual (+ 12 others!)

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Here are some classic/vintage books in super condition for all you banjo pickers! :
1) Tuner Techniques - Keith Banjo Tuner Applications, by David Guptill (with cassette)
2) The Key of C for the 5-String Banjo by Eddie Collins (with play-along CD)
3) The Key of D for the 5 string Banjo, by Eddie Collins (w/ play-along CD)
4) The Bluegrass Sessions Tablature Book, by Bela Fleck
5) Advanced Studies in 5-String Banjo, by A.B. King
6)An Intro to Celtic Tunes for the 5-String Banjo, by Alan Johnson (CD w/ 72 tracks!)
7) Banjo Tunes, Vol. 1, Tablature , by Jack Hatfield (w/ companion CD 21 tracks)
8 ) Mel Bay Presents Southern Mountain Banjo, by Waybe Erbsen
9) MelBay's Banjo Handbook by Janet Davis
10 Up the Neck, by Janet Davis
11) Banjo Artistry, by Mark Barnette
12) Constructing a 5-String Banjo (A Complete Technical Guide), by Roger H. Siminoff
13)Dueling Banjos Sheet Music, by Arthur Smith
These book are in excellent, barely used condition. CD are in NM or Mint condition.
***Three FREE Irish Fiddle/Folk Tune Books With Purchase***
1) Fifty Fiddle Solos, by Sean Keane
2) Twenty Irish Fiddle Tunes, by Kevin Burke
3) Deluxe Tin Whistle SongBook, Irish Music and Ballads, By Patric Conway
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*Have a ew more folk books
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