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about 2 years ago
Steel Guitar World Magazines
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Forum member Duane Becker has donated the last remaining inventory of Steel Guitar World Magazine to the Forum.
It's not a complete collection - there are only 17 issues, ending in 1995, with gaps.
Steel Guitar World was the heartbeat of the world-wide steel guitar community in the 1990's, much as the forum is today.
Looking through these issues, I was struck by how many of the contributors are still active forum members.
There are lots of interesting ads, too.
We're selling these in the Steel Guitar Forum Store for the 1990's cover price (no inflation!), but unfortunately we have to charge today's postage rates.
Here's the link:

THANK YOU, DUANE BECKER!_________________Bobby Lee, a.k.a. -b0b- (SGF Admin)
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