Killer Stratocaster ( Must See)

over 1 year ago
Orlando Colom
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Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

I'm selling this beauty as i had some hurricane damage and the deductible is
up there, so something has to go. I built this strat using nothing but the best parts money can buy. The whole guitar is 7.5 lbs of tone, and it looks incredible. This guitar is on par with any 3k custom shop made Fender. It's a warmoth body and neck shot is a killer gold flake. The electronics are the newest fisherman fluance noiseless pickups with all the options they offer. Dual pull pots to go from 54 to SUV tones and more. It had the battery backplate system too. The neck is a huge warmoth 1 3/4 nut width 1 inch thick depth all the way down. The neck is finished in satin nitro, fast and non sticky. The bridge is a gotoh 510 steel bridge that is one of the best you cab buy. It's used by most of the boutique builders out there. The tones out of this beauty are bell like clean tones to as nast as you want with pedals, while being fed quiet at any volume. No buzzing here. Killer studio and stage guitar. It ships in a Fender Hardshell case. You simply won't find a better strat anywhere near this price. Lastly the body is routed from single or humbuckers from factory, and is
100% copper shielded too. Incredible job. Can that way from warmoth.
$950 shipped.
Feel free to call me for more details
Some one is going to be very very happy, as his is a true killer at a steal of a price.
The parts are worth more than the asking price by quite a bit.