Trade Feeler 1992 Warwick Dolphin Pro I

over 7 years ago
Trade Feeler 1992 Warwick Dolphin Pro I
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Columbus, IN

I've made the jump to 5-String. But if I had to keep 1 4-String it would be a toss up between my FBass BN4 and this beauty! If I get stuck with this bass my heart will NOT be broken!
Here is a 1992 Warwick Dolphin Pro I. It has a Beautiful lightly quilted Boire body, Contoured of course! The Wenge/Zebrano neck is Thin, Wide and Fast! 44MM at the Nut, which is just shy of 1 3/4" for the Metricly Challenged! This is a Non-Volute Neck! (I believe 1994 was the Transition Year) Features the rare pewter colored hardware, including Schaller strap locks. Stock MEC pre/pups. Controls are Stacked Vol/Blend & Treble/Bass. Pull the Vol for PreAmp bypass (Passive) and pull the Treble Knob for Single Coil Bridge pickup, for that Killer Jazz/SS2 Tone! 8.8 lbs on the bathroom scale. Ships in a Road Case.
Ideally I would like to trade for a 5-String version of the same bass, but feel free to tempt me with any other Fretted 5-String basses in the $2500 trade value range. If you want to deal in Cash, $2000 will get my attention.
Here are some Pictures.