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Tubes for Forum Donation Recently bought a bag full of tubes from a studio engineer in the area who "stopped using tube amps years ago" but had a stash of NOS and lightly used new tubes that he pulled from amps over the years. He said he hadn't checked any of them, but they all worked great. And so far, they do! I h...
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GFI Student Model 3+4 I'm selling this for a friend, would prefer a local sale (SF Bay Area). Recent GFI student model black S-10 with 3+4. Two levers added/upgraded at the factory. Plays great, sounds great. Very good shape, a few dings and mica scuffs, but super-solid. Standard Emmons setup on pedals and knees...
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Callaham Tele Bridge w/Compensated Saddles Super-high quality vintage-style Telecaster bridge by Callaham with stainless steel compensated saddles. Intonation spot-on, plus I find it increases sustain and fattens tone considerably. I've switched to another fancy bridge, and am now selling this one. Comes with the four (4) large mount...
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Mid-60s Standel Studio X (ten) SS Amp - $200 Here we have a mid-60s Standel solid-state guitar amplifier (Studio X) with two lovely original Jensen C10r gold speakers. Loud, so loud, and very clean sounding. I'm surprised at how loud and light this amp is... I've enjoyed putting an effects box or three in front of this clean sound for some ...
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Boss TU-12H Excellent Shape Another super reliable piece of tuning gear. Found this in the closet, clean as a whistle with original cover, works great. I'm asking $50 shipped in the CONUS.
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EVM II 12L 8-Ohm Guitar Speaker - Can you ... Here is a recently re-discovered EVM II 12L guitar speaker in original condition that I'd like to sell. It's been in the music closet for probably 10 years now, collecting dust on the HUGE magnet, cone in great shape, with a part of the cardboard surround missing - does not affect the sound or fu...
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Another Sho-Bud Volume Pedal The music closet just keeps on giving... here's another Sho-Bud volume pedal that just turned up... It's a bit dirty and could use a cleaning and polish, too, but I checked inside and it has a Tom Bradshaw/Dunlop pot, turns smoothly and quietly. $110 plus shipping. Thanks for looking, ...
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Fender Dual Professional D8 or S8 Plates A couple of rare Fender-related non-pedal items here that have been collecting dust in my parts bin. One (1) original late 40s/early 50s Fender boxcar pickup plate, 8 string holes, no breaks, cracks, warping or whatever, some old solder, and could use a bit of elbow grease to polish up... ...
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Sho-Bud Volume Pedal The old reliable. This one has a Jim Dunlop/Tom Bradshaw pot in it, turns and functions well. A little dirty, a few dings and could use a good spit and polish, too. $110 + shipping. Prefer a local SF Bay sale if possible. Thanks, LC
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Jerry Jones Electric Master Sitar Here's a fun instrument that I just haven't played much. A Jerry Jones Electric Master Sitar. JJ made some beautiful reproductions of the Danelectro/Silvertone/Coral guitars of the 50s/60s, and this is no exception. Three (3) lipstick tube pickups, six (6) strings on the buzz bridge plus thirteen...
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Pre-war Rickenbacher Model 59 Lap Steel A very lovely and clean example of the crinkle finish model 59. I'm pretty sure that this is 100% original, including the chipboard case. Very clean, and it's a screamer when plugged in... I also believe that it's full of old newspaper dated to 1938. I'm much more of a bakelite kind of guy, and i...
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T-Logo Rickenbacher Bakelite B-6 #2 Sure, as long as I'm in a selling mood, I'll also offer this working person's steel guitar. Also a T-logo mid- to late-40s bakelite Ricky with it's original 1.25" horseshoe pickup expertly rewound by Jason Lollar about 4-5 years ago. It has a repaired flying saucer knob, one replaced neck screw, ...
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Late 40s Rickenbacher T-logo Bakelite A very nice-sounding T-logo late 40s Rickenbacker B-6 guitar, with some pitting and rust on the 1.25" horseshoes. Plays very easily, a great instrument, very clear tone up and down the neck, no case. Original everything. Has served me well, but I have some other pre-war Ricky bakelites that I pre...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Luna Gypsy Dreadnought 12-String Mahogany Acoustic Guitar... $219.00 - 5 hours ago
Tubes for Forum Donation $25.00 Other 8 months ago
GFI Student Model 3+4 $1,000.00 GFI about 1 year ago
Callaham Tele Bridge w/Compensated Saddles $95.00 Other about 3 years ago
Mid-60s Standel Studio X (ten) SS Amp - $200 $200.00 Palm Bay over 3 years ago
Boss TU-12H Excellent Shape $50.00 Other over 3 years ago
EVM II 12L 8-Ohm Guitar Speaker - Can you say LOUD?? $125.00 Other over 3 years ago
Another Sho-Bud Volume Pedal $110.00 Sho-Bud over 3 years ago
Fender Dual Professional D8 or S8 Plates $125.00 Fender over 3 years ago
Sho-Bud Volume Pedal $110.00 Palm Bay over 3 years ago
Jerry Jones Electric Master Sitar $750.00 Palm Bay over 3 years ago
Pre-war Rickenbacher Model 59 Lap Steel $600.00 Other over 3 years ago
T-Logo Rickenbacher Bakelite B-6 #2 $575.00 Other over 3 years ago
Late 40s Rickenbacher T-logo Bakelite $650.00 Rickenbacker over 3 years ago