Added S&W Victory (Commonwealth) WWII C&R

about 5 years ago
Added S&W Victory (Commonwealth) WWII C&R
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My collecting interests have moved away from WWII US revolvers, so this Lend Lease Victory is next to go.
The photos make it look like a wreck. It isn?t. The action is still tight and smooth, and the bore is still shiny, though with a little scattered pitting here and there. It is still accurate enough for me to regularly shoot empty shotgun shells at 25 yards offhand, and I am not a great pistolero. The five inch barrel has always been my favorite length in these so I shoot them well.
You can see in the photos that there is some pitting on the left side of the topstrap and a lesser and more shallow spot on the right side of the frame above the trigger guard. The shyster sellers at gunshows call this ?blood pitting.? Whatever it is, it is there. However, it fortunately did not obliterate the US Property mark nor the inspector?s initials. They are still there.
Serial number is V472178. This was apparently sent to one of the Commonwealth allies and did its service there. It is chambered of course in .38 S&W (or .38-200). The grips, while matching in condition and wear, do not match the serial numbers on the rest of the revolver. They fit well and look right on it.
The DA trigger pull is about typical for a Victory. The single action pull though is a work of art. No creep, very light and crisp, and it breaks like glass. This would make a fine WWII collectible, or a great trail gun with some real history behind it.
I realize the photos of this revolver are not very good, and that if you buy it from me there is a certain level of trust that will have to take place. If you don?t like it, send it back to me and I will cheerfully refund your money plus return shipping. No questions asked, and no hard feelings. But is you?d like a WWII revolver that has ?been there and done that? but is still a fine shooter, this is a good one.
I think there is a lot of history here for the money, and Victory revolvers are going up in value as well.
Price is $275 shipped. I can take about any form of payment, including a credit card through an online ?gift?. C&R obviously or to an FFL01. Just be sure the FFL takes shipments from individuals.
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Pistol below is now sold. Thank you.