Prices reduced & more added 1/26: Gun, Armor, Weapons, War Books - Pic Heavy

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Prices reduced & more added 1/26: Gun, Armor, Weapons, War Books - Pic Heavy
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5. Onward We Charge / The Heroic Story of Darby's Rangers in World War II. Excellent 312 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
11. Chosin / Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War. VG 457 page HB with DH. $8 shipped
14. Clash of Wings / World War II in the Air. A terrific book, covering air power on all fronts. Like new 415 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
15. A Glimpse of Hell / The Explosion on the USS Iowa and Its Cover-up. Excellent 430 page HB with VG DJ. $8 shipped
17.Epic Retreats / From 1776 to the Evacuation of Saigon. Seven epic retreats: Washington in New York, Napoleon in Russia, The Nez Perce in Montana, The Allies at Dunkirk, First Panzer Army in the Caucasus, Eighth Army in Korea, and The Fall of Saigon. Excellent 346 page HB with DJ. $8 shipped
19. Hitler's War. Excellent 388 page SC. $7 shipped
22. The Battle of Britain / The Greatest Air Battle of World War II. VG 413 page illustrated SC. $6 shipped
23. The Royal Oak Disaster. The intriguing, detailed story of U-47 sinking the Royal Oak at Scapa Flow. Excellent 240 page HB with VG DJ. $7 shipped
Osprey Vanguard books. Each 9.5" X 7.5" book is profusely illustrated with photos and artworks. VG 40 page SC with tanned covers. May have minimal highlighting.
26. US 1st Infantry Division 1939-45. $7 shipped
27. Montgomery's Desert Army. $6 shipped
28. The Nazis / A Warning from History. Packed with great color and B&W photos. Excellent 256 page SC. $7 shipped
30. War in the Gulf / From the Invasion of Kuwait To the Day of Victory and Beyond. Excellent fully illustrated large format 240 page SC. $6 shipped
31. 10th Mountain Division. Details the 10th's history, missions, personnel, and equipment. VG fully illustrated large format 127 page SC. $7 shipped
32. The Battle of Plassey. The story of British victory over Nawab of Bengal and the French in 1757. VG 167 page HB with DJ. $6 shipped
33. Desert Warfare / From its Roman Origins to the Gulf Conflict. VG illustrated 223 page HB with DJ. $7 shipped
34. The Second World War on the Eastern Front. Good 140 page SC. $8 shipped
35. Ringed in Steel / Armored Cavalry, Vietnam 1967-68. VG 214 page SC with creased front cover. $7 shipped
36. MacArthur in the Pacific / From the Philippines to the Fall of Japan. A great book on the Pacific war, with great photos and descriptive captions. VG large format 160 page SC. $8 shipped
41. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Search for Victory / American-Soviet Relations 1939-1945. Excellent 243 page SC. $6 shipped
42. Flags of Our Fathers. The epic account of the capture of Iwo Jima. Excellent 382 page SC. $7 shipped
43. The Story of World War II. Excellent illustrated 704 page SC. $8 shipped
44. Echoes of Eagles / A Son's Search for His Father and the Legacy of America's First Fighter Pilots. Excellent 307 page HB with DJ. $8 shipped
46. Apache Dawn / Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (fiction). VG 288 page SC. $6 shipped
47. In the Company of Soldiers / A Chronicle of Combat. Excellent 319 page HB with DJ. $6 shipped
48. One Bullet Away / The Making of a Marine Officer. Excellent 369 page HB with DJ. $6 shipped
50. German Tanks of World War Two. A lot of great detail, and packed with interesting photos, including many tank interior photos. VG large format 160 page SC. $11 shipped
53. Rolling Thunder / Jet Combat from World War II to the Gulf War. Excellent 336 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
54. Handgun Hunting by Major George C. Nonte, Jr., and Lee E. Jurras. VG illustrated 245 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
55. Rommel's Afrika Korps / El Agheila to El Alamein. Typical of a Stackpole book, terrific illustrations and great detail in this excellent large format 211 page SC. $13 shipped
56. Rommel / Battles and Campaigns. An analysis of his entire military career, from WWI through North Africa, to Normandy. Excellent fully illustrated 224 page SC. $9 shipped
57. Pacific Warriors / The U.S. Marines in World War II / A Pictorial Tribute. 300 photos in this VG large format 256 page SC with some cover wrinkling. $8 shippped
Take $2 off each additional book.
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