WTS Weapons, War Books

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WTS Weapons, War Books
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1. Land Power / A Modern Illustrated Military History. The tools of land warfare in WWI and WWII described and depicted with 620 illustrations, 358 in color. Good large format 352 page HB with good DJ. $10 shipped
2. Atlas of World War II. 85 illustrations and 150 maps plus battle descriptions in this VG large format 192 page SC. $9 shipped
3. Turning the Tide of War / 50 Battles That Changed the Course of Modern History. Excellent fully illustrated large format 200 page SC. $9 shipped
4. The History of the Vietnam War. Over 400 color and B&W photos in this VG large format 192 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
5. The Eye of War / Words and Photographs from the Front Line. Chapters include: The Camera Goes to War 1855-1865, Imperial Expansion 1865-1900, Rehearsals for Armageddon 1900-14, First World War 1914-18, Short Intermission 1918-1939, Second World War 1939-1945, Independence Wars 1945-1994, and Conflicts of Faith 1948-2003. Excellent fully illustrated large format 288 page HB with taped DJ. $10 shipped
6. Modern Military Powers Israel / A pictorial guide to the Israeli armed forces, including superb technical drawings, descriptions and specifications and rare color photographs. Chapters include: The Tormented Birth of Israel, 1947: The War of Independence, 1956: The Suez War, 1967: The Six Day War, 1973: The Yom Kippur War, 1982: The Road to Beirut, The Israeli Army, The Israeli Air Force, and The Israeli Navy. VG fully illustrated large format 160 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
7. Dirty Little Secrets / Military Information You're Not Supposed to Know. Interesting VG 488 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
8. Yank / The Army Weekly / World War II from the Guys Who Brought You Victory, The best of the Army weekly. Excellent fully illustrated 356 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
9. Parachute Infantry / An American Paratrooper's Memoir of D-Day and the Fall of the Third Reich. VG 379 page SC. $9 shipped
10. The Other Battle / Luftwaffe Night Aces Versus Bomber Command. Great detail in this high quality like new 352 page HB with DJ. $13 shipped
11. On the Front Lines / The Experience of War Through the Eyes of the Allied Soldiers in World War II. VG 380 page SC. $9 shipped
12. Convoy! / Drama in the Arctic Waters. The story of the QP/PQ convoys and the German attempts to sink them is told in this like new high quality illustrated 256 page HB with DJ. $12 shipped
13. The Illustrated Directory of Modern Soviet Weapons / All the major conventional weapons used by the mighty Soviet armed forces. Good fully illustrated 8.5" X 4.5" SC. $8 shipped
14. No Man's Land / 1918, The Last Year of the Great War by John Toland. Good 651 page HB. $8 shipped
15. The Forgotten Soldier / The Classic WWII Autobiography. War on the Eastern Front as seen through the eyes of a young German soldier. Good 465 page SC reading copy. $7 shipped
16. Company Commander. A personal account of war from the Battle of the Bulge to the crossing of the Rhine. Excellent 309 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
17. Infantry in Vietnam / Small Unit Actions in the Early Days: 1965-66. Chapters include: The Enemy, Intelligence, Patrolling, Ambushes, Attack, Defend, Fire Support, Combat Support, Special Operations, Pacification, and Leadership. VG 298 page HB with good DJ. $8 shipped
18. Zhukov's Greatest Defeat / The Red Army's Epic Disaster in Operation Mars, 1942. Excellent 421 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
19. An Army at Dawn / The War in North Africa, 1942-1943. Excellent 681 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
20. The GI Offensive in Europe / The Triumph of American Infantry Divisions, 1941-1945. Excellent 346 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
21. Disaster at D-Day / The Germans Defeat the Allies, June 1944 / An Alternate History. A very interesting read. Excellent 254 page HB with DJ. $8 shipped
22. The Day of Battle / The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944. VG 791 page SC. $8 shipped
23. World War II / A Visual Encyclopedia. Includes detailed descriptions of every major weapon and weapons system used by the combatants on both sides throughout the war: ships and ship classes, aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery pieces, and small arms, plus hundreds of concise biographies of military leaders, and recounts all the major battles and campaigns. Hundreds of photos in this VG large format 512 page SC. $11 shipped
24. Thunder Monsters Over Europe / a history of the 405th Fighter Group in World War II. VG fully illustrated large format 160 page SC. $11 shipped
25. German Tanks 1945 to the Present. Over 100 color and B&W photos in this VG 72 page SC. $8 shipped
26. U.S. Marine Corps Sergeants Distance Education Program: Weapons. The course book includes: the M9 pistol, M203 grenade launcher, M249 squad automatic weapon (SAW), M240G machinegun, M2HB machinegun, MK19 machinegun, traversing and elevation mechanism, and M136, 84mm HEAT launcher and high explosive anti-tank cartridge (AT-4). For each weapon includes: characteristics, operation, maintenance, firing procedures, and employment. Excellent large format 480 page SC. $11 shipped