LNIB American Derringer in .357 Magnum -- bright stainless, rosewood grips

over 5 years ago
 LNIB American Derringer in .357 Magnum -- bright stainless, rosewood grips
American Derringer
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Ok guys, here is a rare one for you -- an American Derringer M-1 in .357 Magnum
It is like new, in the original box. I got it from a guy who said it had never been fired and sat at the back of his safe for years. Then it sat in mine for a while. I cleaned the heavy storage grease off of it, and put it in my pocket a couple times, but I never got around to firing it. . . Basically, it doesn't appear to have even been fired, so it's either new, or like new.
The AD M-1, is the smallest way to put full-house .357 Magnum in your pocket. Its not the lightest .357 Magnum (the Scandium and Titanium S&W 340PD is 3 oz lighter), but at 15oz, it is pretty light. And, as you can see in the pic next to my old J-frame bodyguard, the M-1 is significantly smaller -- frankly, if it was any smaller or lighter you wouldn't want to fire a powerful round from it, as any 340PD owners can tell you
And, for you Derringer enthusiasts out there, the AD M-1 is about 2/3 the overall size and weight of the Bond Arms derringers with a comparable barrel length, but with a much easier SA hammer and trigger pull.
The M-1 is nicely made of polished stainless steel and rosewood grips. It features multiple safeties, including a hammer block for safe carry, including pocket carry. Comes with original box, and if you're nice I can toss in some .38 special for practice, and a few rounds of either Hornady .357 Magnum, or Hydra-Shok .38 Special +p+ "Law Enforcement Only" defensive ammo for carry purposes. This is a perfect vest, boot or pocket gun, or a purse gun or garter gun for that special lady.
Asking $450, which is considerably less than similar ones are going for from dealers. I'm selling this to fund (or at least justify) the purchase of a Micro Desert Eagle, so I'd be willing to trade for one. I'd also consider trades for pre-lock S&W revolvers and Colt revolvers, in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, or bigger , or other interesting handguns by top-tier manufacturers.
Looking to do a FTF transaction in the Portland Metro area only. OR DL required, CHL preferred.