Custom Trued R700 308 Bolt Rifle, 91709, No Shipping

about 1 year ago
American Gun
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Cal Guns
(city or county): 91709

Make: Custom Trued R700 by Ron Roark gunsmith
Model: R700 in KRG W3 Chassis + Extra accessory + Timney 510@ approx 1.5lbs
Caliber: 308
Location (city or county): 91709
Price: 2300
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: No Magazine / No Bipod / No scope / No scope mount included in this sales
Trued R700 Action Bolt Rifle + Barrel 27" PacNor by Ron Roark gunsmith
Murphy Precision Scope Base installed and Bed by Randy @ R+D Precision
Bolt Knot installed by Randy @ R+D Precision
Timney 510@ approx 1.5lbs
Round Count: 1600ish
Action mounted on KRG Whiskey 3 Gen 3 Chassis $899(Non-Folder) + KRG Spigot $122 + KRG NV Mount Cap Kit $170
No Scope, No Mount included
Federal Gold 168gr Match 3 Shots group at West End Gun Club on Feb 03 2018
some dents on the Scope base, Won't affect scope mount
Max reload i did is 43.5 Varget 178 ELD-X / ELD-M. this reload velocity is 2700fps