Ruger Mini-14 and Savage .223 w/Nikon 4.5-14x scope..ROSEVILLE AREA

about 1 year ago
Ruger Mini-14 and Savage .223 w/Nikon 4.5-14x scope..ROSEVILLE AREA
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Ruger and Savage
Mini 14 and Savage bolt action
Both rifles .223 cal
Roseville area (NORTHERN California
$725 and $500
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Ruger Mini-14 .223 cal
186- series.
Ruger Mini-14 blued rifle for sale.... $725
Very clean little rifle and as far as I have found, plenty accurate.
accurate maybe, but it will skip the oil drum at Camp Far West at 400 yards all day long.
Good enough for me.
Never a bobble or jam.
This rifle is in the 186- series so I'd guess early 1990's manufacture.
Now for the Savage.
Savage "package" model bolt action.
Savage stainless and composite rifle for sale.... $500 complete with Nikon 4.5x-14x scope.
This is the "package" rifle so no frills.
The magazine is internal and not detachable.
Has the Accutrigger ....naturally.... and happily.
I originally had a very heavy Savage varminter with the same scope.
I tried this rifle with the good scope and my groups were only about 1/8" larger
than with the target model.
A barely perceptible difference in group size but a WORLD of difference in lugging the gun around.
Rifle AND scope to be sold together.
I sold the heavy barrel varminter and never regretted it.
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