One naughty little firearm...

almost 6 years ago
 One naughty little firearm...
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Eugene Oregon

I have up for sale a AMT Lightning .22 and I'd like $350 for it. It's one of the firearms that Harry Sanford used to royally piss off Bill Ruger Sr. See, Good old Harry saw that the patents Bill Ruger held for the Mark I semiautomatic pistol had expired, and he thought to himself, "oh, I'm making that. Boy, am I ever going to make the hell out of that!" And so he did. Then Bill was all, "oh no he di-ent!" And a grand old back alley brew-ha-ha ensued. Bill told Harry not to make them any more, and Harry told Bill where he could stick it, and kept on making them like a gangster, in every configuration Bill's company made them in. Bill handled up by dragging Harry's voluminous backside straight to court and settled the argument old western style. With a bank of high priced lawyers! Needless to say, once the judge saw that the exploded views from both the AMT Lightning and the Mark I owners manuals were essentially identical, he ruled that Harry had violated Bill's proprietary Trade Dress and spanked our hero Harry with a multimillion dollar judgment. One that would have surely put AMT out of business. But, our hero Bill says, "NO! I shan't put another man out of bidness. Look bro, kick me down $100,000 dollars like a pimp in two easy installments, quit handling my bidness on the streets, and we'll call it good." Thinking he'd made his point and solid in the knowledge that Harry was sufficiently smacked down, he let things rest at that. Unfortunately, Harry made some unwise business decisions that eventually tanked his company regardless. The moral of this story is, you can own that very gun. And here she is!
Yeah, looking gorgeous atop a copy of Robert E. Lee's memoirs. If anyone, Lee can relate to the spanking, I think we can all agree with that, no matter which side you might have rooted for. History buffs, buy this gun! Now, for something a little more sensual. Lets have a look at her back side, shall we?
She chose that book herself. Just to let you know that she's self taught in the ways of men and can perform as expected. Despite her sorted past. Believe it or not, she can shoot! She's built to handle the massive 8 inch bull barrel before her and can wield it like... Well, lets just say that it's an extremely accurate .22 pistol. It comes with adjustable target sights and a healthy a 10 round factory magazine. I have the original owners manual and I might even have the original box, but don't quote me on that. I'll look for it.
Buy it if you hate Ruger firearms, hell, it really did piss Bill Sr. off! Buy it if you love Ruger firearms, you can get one of these evil knockoffs off the street. Or, buy it because it's a cool gun. You know it is. It will put your bullet where you want it to go, assuming you know what your doing.