Anschutz 1432 17AH custom

over 3 years ago
Anschutz 1432 17AH custom
C Miller
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Varmint Hunters
North Texas

This is a Anschutz 1432 22 Hornet that has been re-barreled to a 17 Ackley Hornet. Original stock with diamond insert in grip, no marks on it, LOP 14". Barrel is a Shilen 1-9" stainless, muzzle diameter .610, length 25", few handing marks on barrel but nothing to detract from appearance. When removed from stock the barrel is stamped Shilen, 17 Hornet but this rife was built 5 years before the Hornady 17 Hornet came out. Upon firing a nicely formed 17 Ackley Hornet case emerged. Price is 950.00 plus shipping, less than you could buy a 1432 Hornet. No Trades, will do FTF in the DFW area.