LH Eliseo RTM/Pierce .338 NM+.308 Bolt etc.

almost 2 years ago
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Long Range Hunting

Rifle Specs
Pierce Engineering Long Action-Comes with .338 Bolt and .308 bolt. Very nice action, with nice timing for easy bolt lift.
Eliseo RTM Chassis: Comes with Bottom metal to switch from Long action to short action, multiple rail sections and hand stop to be included. 20 MOA scope rail, will also include AI Long Magazine, and 1 short action magazine.
28" Broughton 5C 1:9.3, I believe heavy palma contour, and Pierce engineering brake. Cerakote has some scuffing from sandpaper in barrel vise, but this is hidden by the handguard.
CG X-Treme 2 Stage trigger. Extremely nice. Only my Anschutz is better.
Tubb Grip
Barrel has about 200 rounds through it, so it's essentially broken in. Shoots 1/2 MOA easy, and I was getting 2780 fps with Retumbo and hBN coated 300 SMK's. I honestly didn't finish load development, but it performed consistently at 1500 yards. I was looking forward to putting the time in to get load dialed in with the 300 gr Bergers, but never got around to it. I think they will excel.
Hate to see this beast go, but I'm consolidating. I'll try to put some more pics up later. Scope not included.
$3300 to your FFL.
Thanks for looking.