Type 38 Arisaka Carbine

over 6 years ago
 Type 38 Arisaka Carbine
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Just bought this about a month ago from a fellow member,to replace the one my Grandfather gave me (which I LOST as a stupid kid)
Now,Ive lost my income for a bit,so I'll have to get rid of this.
Its an Arisaka type 38 carbine.From what info i can find its made at Koishikawa Arsenal.Has no series marking,serial number in the 70000 range puts production date at around 1916? (Previous owner may have better info,or you can figure it out!!)
It came with 1 single round of 6.5 ammo.I fired it and it hit the target.Im here to type this,so it obviously didnt blow up in my face..but,the bore is dark,so it may be best as a display piece.Does come with 2 boxes of brass.
The stock has dings and dents.Upper handguard is cracked.Overall,its pretty beat up,but it looks neat for display,its complete,fires,and is pretty rare.Very handy little size.
Has the original carbine only cleaning rod and comes with a very bubblegumty bayonet.
Id like $175 OBO. I paid $175 1 month ago,so please be kind with your offers.I will consider part trade for german ww2 stuff (helmets,medals,patches,bayonets,etc) but Id really like to buy my Family some gifts,so Ill need at least $100 of it in cash please.
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