10 Rifles AR/AK/Saiga/SKS/FAL/KRAG

over 2 years ago
10 Rifles AR/AK/Saiga/SKS/FAL/KRAG
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I cant close the safe doors and have really been wanting a Tommy gun for some time now.... so perhaps I will part with some of the herd and fund one.
Q) What trades do you want? A) Form 4 transferrable TSMG
Q) Do we have to do the BGC? A) I am so sorry, but yes.
Q) Will you ship? A) Yes to your FFL and you pay the freight
Q) Where/How did you come up with prices? A) Gunshow/internet/blue book prowling
SPF....... FAL Para made from STG58 kit on Imbel receiver imported by Enterprise Arms, DSA para folder kit, DSA break, furniture, 6 mags $1200
Saiga ,223. HK sights, duracoated OD, AR15 flash hider, extra holes welded up, swift lever, magpie forend, taco grip, KVAR stock, sling, 3, 30 round mags, one 20 round mag, two 10 round mags $800
L1A1 on Enterprise receiver and barreled by them, gone over by Ernst Armory 6 mags $1250
SOLD SKS Paratrooper. Red fiberglass jungle stock, sling, parkerized, 27 stripper clips and 500 rounds ammo $500
SPF. AK-54R - 7.62x54r PSL kit re-profiled into a AK74, built on square back NDS receiver professionally, SWIFT safety lever, plum kVar furniture, 5 mags (four still in wrap and about 380 rounds $800
SOLD G - Built on NDS by 762llc, parkerized, gorgeous, 5 20 round mags, 5 30 round mags, 500 rounds ammo correct sling and bayonet $800
Krag Scout rifle. Bishop stock, peep sight and Burris 2.75x scout scope, leupold QD rings, sling, Threaded 1/2 x 28 $400
Anderson 16" M4 type 1:9, test fired only $500
Bushmaster VMatch 20" 1:9 Duracoated digital camo, Burris 3-9 Fullfield II, Harris bipod, sling, back up sights, midwest rail, 0.5 MOA rifle $1200
SPF ....ARMALITE AR180 #4XX/original 500 made in Costa Mesa Ca 1 original 20 round mag and 4 20 round converted brownness mags. aftermarket scope mount with a Sig optic $1200